Customized Unique Portraits

Are you looking for unique gift ideas for your next wedding, birthday or anniversary? Guaranteed Portraits offers gorgeous customized oil portraits painted by talented professional artists.


Unique Gift Ideas

Unique Gift IdeaHow often have you searched for ideas for original and unique gifts with no success? Have you ever considered giving a personalized oil portrait painted from a photo? This may be just the unique gift you have been seeking.

Personalized portraits are excellent gift ideas for many reasons. Beautiful custom portraits indicate good taste, can be enjoyed for a long time, and evoke pleasant emotions and feelings for the recipients.

King, princes and nobility often gave each other personalized portraits as a sign of appreciation and admiration. Nowadays, many companies give these original gifts to their valued employees to convey their appreciation.

The fact that you can order professional portraits in advance and have them sent to the recipient's home, adds an element of surprise to an already emotional and thoughtful gift. A personalized oil portrait will stand out as one of the most original unique gifts a person will ever receive.

The love and affection these unique gifts convey to your spouse, children, parents and friends is absolutely priceless. Personalized oil portraits will be treasured forever by anyone who is fortunate enough to receive them. Among all the gifts a person may receive, a personalized portrait will most likely be the most original and special, and it can be enjoyed for the longest period of time.


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