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Choosing A Photo For Your Portrait

The final outcome of a portrait from a photo is the result of choosing an appropriate photo. For best results, the photo should have the correct background and image quality.

The advantages of a hand painted portrait from a photo are unbeatable: the portrait painted by hand recreates an exact moment, fusing the mood and personality of both the model and the artist. However, there are some simple tips to ensure success when attempting to receive an effective oil portrait painting from a photo.

Photo for portrait with wrong lightingThe artist of a remarkable portrait usually plans the picture in advance. He or she decides on the organization of the elements of the picture on the canvas, the colors, the light and the shading. A painter will even decide on the imaginary distance that the represented object will have from the possible observer. No doubt, these guidelines are essential in choosing a suitable photograph to turn the photo into an oil painting.

The choice of a background shouldn’t be left at random. The nature of the background will determine, to a great extent, the focus of the viewer. The ideal background is one depicting slight shades and variants of color to the model. It is all about catching those slight differences so that the image contains greater color weight. Also observe how the color of the background mingles with the main figure and try to avoid dry cuts. A smooth homogenous background centers the attention of the painting on the portrayed person, whereas a colorful background or one containing many objects will detract from the main figure. A photograph with a pleasant background matching the main figure will facilitate the correct transition from photo to painting.

Portrait painted from photo.Pay attention to the main figure – the model. His or her position and the individual’s appearance are very important. Most common photos contain inconvenient shading and a non linear distribution of light on the model’s face. These aspects can be corrected in the painting by a skilled portrait artist. The color of the main figure to portray is also a key factor when you are choosing an appropriate photograph to be turned into a portrait. If the photograph appears artificial, the painting will also look artificial. Don’t choose such a photo unless you prefer to convey that characteristic in the hand painted portrait.

One of the simplest and most helpful recommendations is to choose a photograph with a simple theme. It’s best to select one containing only a few elements and simple shapes. Remember that what matters most is not to capture the accurate details, but to make an effective interpretation of color, shape and spirit of the model. The simplicity of the original photo greatly facilitates the quality of the process from photo to painting.

The study of light on the photo that will serve as a model from photo to painting is also important. You should choose a photo in which the light on the subject’s face is shown in a natural way. This will emphasize the main figure of the portrait. Don’t forget that every photo should contain a point of maximum interest or main focus. Is the luminosity of the subject’s face suitable for this purpose or does it make the model appear lost in the background of the photo?

An artistic creation is not born spontaneously. To think that the artist is a privileged being who gains inspiration naturally with no effort is incorrect. Inspiration is actually the result of very careful planning. In the case of the passage from photo to painting, it is the result of following these simple, but useful guidelines.

All of the above reasons regarding how to find a suitable photograph to paint a good portrait are technical keys that will help you obtain an optimal final result in your portrait painting. However, to find a photograph that fulfils all these requirements is not a simple task and is seldom achieved.

In many cases, the most important factor when choosing a photograph is the emotional aspects related to the photo. Although the photo may not be the most technically appropriate, it may represent something important to you or represent great emotional value. If this it is the case, don’t worry too much about the technical aspects. Instead, explain to the artist who is going to paint your portrait the main aspects of the photograph that you would like reflected in your portrait. If possible, supply additional photos to the portrait painter. They will better reveal any aspects which may not be well represented in the original photo because of factors such as poor lighting. With your instructions, a professional artist will be able to convey the elements of the original photo that are important to you. Talented artists will also be able to exceed your expectations and produce a beautiful oil portrait that you can enjoy forever.