Father’s & Mother’s Day Gifts

Personalized oil portraits make terrific Father’s and Mother’s Day gift ideas. Let our professional portrait artists create gorgeous oil paintings that will become treasured heirlooms.


Father's & Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Father's day Gift Idea How often have you searched for unique personalized gift ideas for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day? We are all sons or daughters and year after year we face the same dilemma: to resort to purchasing the same present every year or to find unique new gift ideas for Mom or for Dad .

Every year, the number of people who choose to give personalized portraits to their mother or father increases. These personalized gifts are very appropriate because of the deep affection and feeling they evoke. In addition to their aesthetic value, personalized portraits are a perfect way to convey your affection and love for your parents.

The purchasing process is another reason a custom portrait makes such a great gift.. Unlike other gift ideas, you can’t enter a department store, purchase a personalized portrait and then leave with it hours later. A professional portrait is a gift that requires a little planning. You have to decide which photo of your father, mother or other family member you wish to portray in an oil painting. You also need to find and a specialised portrait artist who can create a high quality oil painting. The custom portrait will be painted using a handcrafted process which takes time. However, once the portrait is completed and delivered to your mother or father, your parents will value the time and dedication required to find such a personalized unique gift.

Mother's day Gift Idea Every year, sons and daughters have different ideas on what to portray in personalized portrait paintings to be given as Mother’s Day or Father’s Day presents. The different ideas and options are related to the age and family situation of a person’s mother or father. They will also depend on whether your parents already own another personalized portrait.

 Some of the most common ideas for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gifts include a personalized portrait of your mother or father when they were younger or at their present age. Another unique gift option is to present a portrait of your mother taken on her wedding day in her bridal dress. Another great gift idea is to give a personalized portrait of the entire family together. Sons and daughters often get together and present their parents with a personalized portrait of the entire family including parents, children and grandchildren. What other gift could your mother or father possibly value more than a unique personalized portrait of the entire family?

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are always perfect occasions to give these personalized gifts. However, many people prefer the idea of giving a professional portrait on another day for no apparent reason. This way children can convey the love and affection they feel towards their parents mothering a less conventional manner. From that day on, whenever your mother or father sees their unique gift hanging on the wall, they will fondly remember the day they received such a treasured present. A personalized portrait is, without a doubt, one of the most unique presents a son or daughter can give their parents on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

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