We offer you beautiful custom painted oil portraits from your photos and exceptional customer service. We employ only the most talented, experienced professional artists to paint your personalized oil portraits.


Customer Testimonials

Thank you for the wonderful painting of my family. I had very high expectations but the painting has definitely surpassed them.
Rachel Rye (Kansas City, MO)

I was not sure what to expect. The paintings in your site are amazing but I doubted that the portrait of my parents was going to be of similar quality. The final painting was even better than the ones you show in your site. My parents were thrilled with it and told me it was the best present they had ever received.
Roy Stevens (Milwaukee, WI)

Another gorgeous portrait! Each portrait I buy from you looks better than the previous one. I do not know if it is the excitement of seeing it for the first time or it is that your painters are getting better and better with each portrait.
Ron McAlear (Destin, Florida)

The painting of my children was perfect. It was just what I was looking for. Your recommendations on the background turned out great. I am already looking at my wedding album to see which picture I will send next.
Laura Sherwood (Okmulgee, Oklahoma)

The portrait arrived in perfect condition and looks even better than the photo you sent for confirmation. Since I received it, I find myself all the time walking by the sitting room to enjoy it at all times.
Becky Overill (Norwich, UK)

My girlfriend was thrilled with the portrait you painted of us. I gave it to her on Valentines and she was so excited that she could not stop hugging me.
Mike Grubbs (Chapel Hill, North Carolina)

Thank you for the stunning portrait. The painter captured beautifully the look of my daughter's eyes. The portrait was meant to be in the living room but my daughter has taken it to her bedroom. She is so excited with it that I don't dare to take it away from her.
Anne Ranger (Palmdale, California)

Since I saw the portrait you painted for Janet, I wanted one for myself. Finally I got it!!! It is gorgeous.
Nathalie Lippmann (Waterford, MI)