Priceless Emotional Value

Nothing compares to the emotional value of a beautiful custom painted oil portrait. Our talented artists can paint a gorgeous custom oil portrait that will become a priceless family heirloom.


Differences Between an Oil Portrait & a Photo

Oil portraits are priceless and ageless. These paintings portray beauty in a way which is difficult to achieve by a photo which lacks the personality that a professional artist directly conveys in a handmade portrait.

The Main Difference

Photo for PortraitThe main difference between an oil portrait from a photo and an actual photo is the lifelike feeling the oil portrait portrays. Oil paintings have a reputation for portraying beauty and drama that a regular photo can’t convey. Colors in an oil portrait can be configured to enhance a regular photo from beautiful to exquisite with the magical stroke of a brush. An oil portrait from a photo involves a transformation from ordinary to extraordinary.

An artist can take a simple image from a photo and create an entire new level of imagery and colors in an oil painting from a photo. A professional artist can capture the likeness of the subjects that only an oil painting can provide.

The Durability of Oil Paintings

An oil portrait from a photo is remarkably pleasing to the eye and its durability and value will definitely outlast your traditional photo. Most photos only come in an 8 x 10 size. On the other hand, an oil portrait from a photo can vary in size from very small to life-size. This can enhance the aesthetic value of the oil painting.

Photos can also age quickly with new technological developments that outdate photos rapidly. They can be easily damaged and can lose their vitality over the years. Images may become distorted or unclear and colors may fade, whereas an oil portrait from a photo can withstand the test of time.

If properly cared for, an oil painting can also be passed down from family to family without losing its original beauty. Not only are oil portraits priceless, but they are also ageless. For example, Leonardo da Vinci’s famous Mona Lisa continues to be admired and appreciated today, even though this masterpiece was painted hundreds of years ago.

Attractiveness Compared

Portrait from PhotoSmall details in a photo are often overlooked. However, when a professional artist creates an oil portrait from a photo, important and relevant details are magnified. These details often play an instrumental role in the life-like image the oil painting displays. Overall, the beauty of an oil portrait from a photo is incomparable to that of an actual photo.

An unattractive or damaged photo can also be renewed and revitalized through an oil portrait. A professional oil painting artist has the ability to create an oil painting containing a new backdrop and scenery that can turn an otherwise boring photo into a work of art with life and movement. Realistic elements and dramatic expressions can be achieved with different artistic techniques that only a professional can deliver.

Diversity of an Oil Portrait

Oil portrait painters can combine several different photos into one beautiful oil painting. This allows the artist to tell the story of many photos in just one stunning work of art. Although this can sometimes be accomplished with traditional photos, the image often appears unrealistic and is restricted by technology. An artist has the freedom and ability to incorporate elements from multiple photos and transform them into a breathtaking work of art. For a detailed example on how two photos can be combined naturally into one, please read our section on painting an oil portrait from two or more of your photos on this website.