Preserve Your Treasured Photos

You will find the most beautiful custom oil portraits at Guaranteed Portraits. Our professional painters will help you preserve your treasured photos in a custom oil portrait.


Best Results from your Portrait

A custom portrait is a treasured keepsake that you and future generations will be able to enjoy for many years. We highly recommend that you read the following section carefully to obtain the best results and fastest delivery:

The Quality of our Portraits


  1. Check the quality and style of the portrait galleries on our website. The same artists who have painted these will paint your portraits with similar dedication and attention to detail. Please read the section on how we deal with your oil portrait very carefully.
  2. Finshed Oil portraitChoose your favorite picture of the person to be painted. The photo you provide will form the basis of the portrait. Please note that because we have never actually seen the person who appears in the photo, we will base the portrait solely on the photo(s) you provide. If the color or any other aspect of the photo is not accurate due to bad lighting or to any other reason, we recommend that you send us a second picture we can use as an additional reference. For example, in certain cases where we receive a poorly lit photo, we can determine elements such as the correct hair color of the person by referring to the second photo. In case a case, please clearly specify that the second photo should only be used for reference purposes.
  3. Provide us with any necessary instructions you may want us to note when dealing with your portrait.


You will receive an email once your painting is ready for revision. When you receive our email containing the photo of the finished portrait, please check it very carefully.  In case you would like us to make some changes to it, please let us know as soon as possible.


Shipment tubeWe always place more importance on quality rather than delivery times. We will NEVER compromise quality to reduce delivery time by a few additional days. If a very quick delivery is more important than quality to you, please request your portrait from another company. If delivery times are important, but you value the quality of the finished produce even more, please continue reading.

In most cases, everything will run smoothly and your order will be delivered with no problems. However, becoming aware of the possible situations that may affect delivery will help to ensure the fastest delivery for your portrait.

Certain matters remain under OUR control, some remain under YOUR control and others are controlled by a third party that neither of us can control. If you require a fast delivery, please pay special attention to the matters which are under your control, and , we will handle the rest.

Matters Under OUR Control:

  • Sufficient time to complete the portrait counted from the moment we receive all the materials until the portrait is ready for final revision.
  • Sufficient time for any necessary corrections.

Matters Under YOUR Control:

  • Provide all the necessary photos and clear instructions from the beginning. Most of the requested corrections we receive could have been avoided if the customer had provided us with clear instructions. If we receive clear instructions before we begin, your portrait will most likely be approved after its first revision. This will save you a few extra days that won’t need to be spent on further revisions.
  • Provide a valid email account & verify that your email server will accept our messages.
  • Provide any relevant feedback as soon as possible and all at once.
  • Pay the remaining 80% of your order once you have approved the photo of your portrait. This payment represents confirmation that you have approved your portrait so we can prepare it for shipment. The sooner you pay, the sooner we can ship.

Matters Under A THIRD PARTIES Control:

  • Internet and communication problems. If you experience an internet server interruption, please call us.
  • Lost or delayed emails.
  • Delivery problems. Although we work with the most reputable shipping companies, they sometimes fail to deliver on time due to problem on their end.
  • Weather conditions. In high humidity, your portrait may take longer to dry than under normal conditions. In this case, we will never hurry to send a portrait and risk damaging it.
  • Acts of God.

If you would like us to notify you about special dates well enough in advance so you can plan and receive your painting, please click the following link: