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Portrait & Painting Articles

The History of Oil Painting and Oil Portraits

  • The Origin & Evolution of Oil Painting Technique: Oil painting is an ancient technique that can be traced back to the earliest civilizations. This technique has continuously been redeveloped over the centuries into present day oil painting. Oil painting is heralded as one of the most beautiful and respected art forms of all time.
  • Most Important Oil Portrait Artists and Oil Portraits throughout History: For the past hundreds of years, many talented oil portrait painters and their oil portraits have significantly affected the development of oil painting. Their influences have transformed oil painting into the highly respected and admired art form we know today.

Oil Portrait from a photo:

Oil Portraits as Unique Gift Ideas

  • Personalized Oil Portraits - Unique & Valued Gifts: Personalized oil portraits make unique and ageless gifts that offer aesthetic value and sentimental meaning that will be cherished for many years after they’re received.
  • The emotional value of a commissioned oil portrait - The value of oil portraits goes far beyond its monetary value. The fact that the person who appears on it is one self or a beloved one gives oil portraits an emotional value which remains with the portrait for the rest of its life.

Other Matters Regarding Oil Portraits

  • Materials & Process Used in Oil Painting: The oil painting process consists of the proper blending of oils and pigments for the correct color achievement. The necessary equipment, support structures and surfaces are also required to achieve satisfactory results.
  • Differences Between the Different Painting Techniques - Portrait artists use different painting techniques in their works. Oil, acrylic, pastel, charcoal and watercolor are widely used. Each one of these techniques has its advantages & disadvantages which should be taken into account when ordering a portrait.