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The experienced professional painters at Guaranteed Portraits can help you transform your photos into beautiful works of art. Our artists will create breathtaking custom oil portraits from your photos


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Painted Oil PortraitHave you ever considered the advantage of a painted oil portrait over a traditional photo? Can you appreciate the warmth conveyed by an oil portrait of you or your loved ones painted by a professional artist?

A portrait is the fusion of the personality of the individual to be painted and the artist. The oil portrait painter will represent his conceptual idea of what must be represented in the portrait. Consequently, a custom portrait of the same person or from the same photo will be painted differently by each portrait artist. . Famous classic painters such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Rubens, Velázquez, El Greco and Picasso interpreted paintings and portraits in very different ways. If we asked each of these artists to create an oil portrait painting of the same person, each portrait would probably look quite different. Every professional painted portrait is affected by many factors: how a painter regards light, how he mixes colors, his paint texture, his interpretation of the human figure, his brush strokes as well as his concept of what a portrait should represent.

All of the professesional oil portrait painters at Guaranteed Portraits have a similar style. When you commission a custom portrait, our painters will borrow elements from the classic painters and rely on their vast experience and specialization in this field to create a work of art. Our painters understand the qualities valued by the majority of our clients. Therefore, the portraits in the online galleries of our website will be similar to your own custom portrait.


Photo for PortraitPlease consider the following advantages our clients will enjoy when they commission an oil portrait from a photo:

Although oil portraits reflect reality well, our artists can eliminate many of the minor imperfections that are common to amateur photographers. How often have you had a picture taken where the light wasn’t optimal? A poorly lit photo emphasizes wrinkles and other minor imperfections that don’t flatter the person whose portrait is being painted. When our artists begin to paint a portrait, they attempt to reduce the wrinkles or skin imperfections that are often magnified by light. During the process, our oil portrait artists smooth any shading and poor reflection of the face and improve the brightness. This results in a realistic portrait where the positive elements are emphasized and any imperfections are minimized.

Although our professional oil portrait paintings always reflect reality, they are often enhanced versions of the original photo. You can see some examples of pictures and portraits on this page. You can see examples of how our artists were able to unify the light, removing any shading and smooth minor imperfections.

As you check the portraits in our online galleries, you will be able to see how we enhance and correct the light and color, while maintaining a high degree of similitude to the photo you provide. If you like the portraits shown on our website, we guarantee you that your portrait will be very similar. If you don’t like the style of the portraits you see, you will probably not be happy with the portrait our professional artists will prepare for you. In this case, we recommend that you order your portrait from a company or artist who creates a custom portrait according to your own personal taste.