Your Custom Portraits

If you are looking for beautiful personalized oil portraits painted from your photos, Guaranteed Portraits can help. Our experienced and talented portrait artists will paint a customized oil portrait just for you!


Custom Made Oil Portraits

Hand painted portraitsOil painting is the most important and prestigious painting technique for creating portraits. Flemish portrait artists began to use this technique in the XVth century; the luminosity, intensity and transparency of oil paintings endowed these painted portraits with great warmth and exceptional beauty. Our custom made oil portraits reflect the personality of the man or woman painted and the professional artists who successfully creates a unique painting.

Until recently, a personalized oil portrait was a privilege and a sign of distinction only nobility and the very rich could afford. Nowadays, most of us can afford a painted portrait rendered by a professional portrait artist. A portrait painted in oil can become a treasured moment for ourself, our family and future generations.

Our professional artists paint unique personalized portraits using a photo of your choice. All of our portrait artists pay close attention to every detail of the painting to achieve a painted portrait that is special for you. The final result is a beautiful personalized portrait painted in oil that you will be able to enjoy forever.

Below you will find some photos.  If you put the mouse over the photo, you can see how the painted portraits from these photos look like.  Please visit our portrait galleries for more examples of our painted portraits.

Photo & portrait woman Photo & portrait of girl








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