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Personalized Portraits - Unique Gift Ideas

Personalized oil portraits make unique and ageless gifts that offer aesthetic value and sentimental meaning that will be cherished for many years after they’re received.

Unique Gift Ideas For Special Occasions

A portrait is an excellent gift ideaA personalized oil portrait is a wonderful, loving and unique gift idea for any occasion. This gift can be presented as a symbol of love and admiration towards the recipient for almost any holiday, event or special occasion. Some suggestions for choosing a beautiful personalized oil portrait as a unique gift include: weddings, baby showers, Bar Mitzvahs, retirement parties, Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries and family reunions.

The time and attentiveness that oil portrait artists dedicate to your personalized masterpiece will overwhelm loved ones. Their gratitude and appreciation for receiving such a thoughtful present will last for many years. They will be reminded of your precious gift each time they look at their treasured custom oil portrait.

A professional artist can bring regular everyday images and events to life with each brush stroke. The rich colors and dramatic illusions that are created with oil paints make a very unique and personalized gift that will always be treasured.

Transform A Photo Into A Personalized Oil Portrait

A personalized and unique gift idea.Personalized portraits are mainly used for displaying in your home, so why not solicit the help of a professional portrait artist to enhance your photos and compliment your home décor? Touch-ups, modifications to color scheme and much more can be created by professional portrait artists who can transform your treasured photos into beautiful and timeless gift ideas.

For example, a simple photograph can be transformed into an exceptional, unique work of art with intricate details that only a professional artist can create. Imagine a simple wedding photo transformed into an art masterpiece that has been personalized specifically for you with your instruction and guidance. New scenery can be added to enhance the beauty and heartfelt memory of that special day. With you as the creative guide, the artist can translate your desired message into your personalized portrait, resulting in a very unique and treasured gift.

You can also take a photo of a mother and her newborn baby and have it transformed into a unique personalized gift with the help of a professional portrait artist. With the realistic effect created in a personalized oil portrait, this special gift is sure to become a treasured keepsake for many years to come. A custom oil portrait can become a family heirloom that a mother will proud to pass on to her beloved child.

Beautiful Personalized Portraits

Oil paintings are one of the most expressive of all the current art forms. The realistic feel and presence that this unique art form presents is very difficult to duplicate or imitate using other art forms.

Personalized oil portraits can capture and preserve images of children, parents, grandparents, traditions, pets, friends, places or even your automobile! In fact, just about any item, person or occasion can be translated into a unique piece of art that will provide lasting enjoyment.

A personalized oil portrait gift can be as unique as you desire. A custom oil portrait is guaranteed to add life to any home, whether modern or traditional. You don’t have to be an art enthusiast to appreciate the aesthetic value of this gift which is sure to become a priceless treasure.

Throughout history, oil paintings have been associated with affluent individuals. Many kings, religious figures and presidents have become the subject of a professional oil painter. Today, personalized oil portraits can be shared and owned by anyone who appreciates the unique beauty and lifelike characteristics of an oil painting. Consider this personalized gift idea for all kinds of occasions were you would like to give a unique gift that will cause a great emotional impact on the receiver.