We offer you beautiful custom painted oil portraits from your photos and exceptional customer service. We employ only the most talented, experienced professional artists to paint your personalized oil portraits.


About Guaranteed Portraits

Guaranteed Portraits, part of the Pictum Qualitas Ltd. group, represents more than 30 different oil painting artists worldwide. Several of these artists specialize in oil portrait painting.

At Guaranteed Portraits, all of our professional portraitists follow a very classical way of interpreting and painting portraits they have learned from classical painters and portraitists to achieve beautiful portraits. As you can see from our portrait galleries, we use all the technical resources we have at our disposal to portray a realistic image of the person or people who are going to be painted. We also enhance the colors and light evident in the original photo which often don’t do justice to the person or people being portrayed as the best portraitists have done throughout history.

On our website, you will find a very defined and uniform style of portrait painting. When selecting our portrait artists, we place great care and the utmost importance in selecting painters who reveal great painting skills, who love to portrait and who interpret and paint portraits in a similar manner. These matters are very important to us. When painting a portrait, every expression and detail needs to be completed with great care. We believe this can only be accomplished by artists who not only possess great talent, but also love what they do. Regarding the painting style, we don’t want to surprise you with a personal interpretation of the artist from your photo which you may or may not like. We prefer that you gain an idea of how our artists are going to paint your portrait and the aspects we are going to emphasize by reviewing our online portrait galleries.

At Guaranteed Portraits, we are confident that if you like the classical style of the portraits shown in the galleries of our website, you will also love the portrait we will paint for you. This is why Guaranteed offers you one of the most comprehensive guarantees in the industry.